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Supply Chain Disruptions during the Biggest Shipping Season

Pete Grett
December 10, 2021
min read

December is the biggest shipping season compared to other holiday seasons during the year. With only 12 days until Christmas, the holiday season brings with it a rush in fulfilment of requests from different parts of the world. At any given time during this season, there are goods being ordered and shipped out. There is a likelihood of your staff being overwhelmed and a possibility of orders being mismanaged or being sent out to the wrong places. No one wants that to happen, especially not the customers. It is inevitable that your volume increases during this period and so it is only wise that you ensure that you have put in place measures to counter any disruptions. Some of the issues that may cause supply chain disruptions include;

1.  Quality of products

It is crucial to ensure that all the products going out have gone through quality checks. Invest in proper quality management systems to ensure that all the suppliers are sending quality products that will not have to be turned back hence delaying the supply chain system.

2.  Price fluctuations

Sometimes, the price of items may go up as a result of factors like increase in the price of crude oil. Understandably, suppliers may be forced to increase their prices. This can be countered if you stock up on your inventory especially of essential products that you know will definitely ship out during the season.

3.  Natural disasters

These are natural events that are beyond our control like floods, Tsunamis or sometimes even snowstorms. Having suppliers in different places can help you to avoid cancelling orders because one supplier is unable to get goods to you as a result of a natural disaster.

4.  Transportation Disruptions

The most important part of the supply chain process during the festive season is transportation. The goods must be delivered on time and in good shape. It is therefore crucial to ensure that in case of any disruptions in transportation, you have a backup plan. This is why you need to have a proper supply chain strategy.

These are just some of the supply chain disruptions that may be experienced during this festive season. Having a good supply chain strategy, trained and efficient staff, as well as good leadership will ensure that you get through the season without suffering much from any of the disruptions.

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